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ABOUT Glittering Goddess

What can I say, I love crafting.  My newest adventure finds me  learning the art of Fluid Painting (or Pour Painting).  But my greatest joy is creating beautiful, one of a kind handmade jewelry, I love to wear it, I love to make it and I love when people say what beautiful pieces I have. When I explain that I make all my jewelry, they almost always say "you should sell your Creations" ..... So after a little coaxing from my husband, I made quite a few pieces and started selling them here and there.  To become more accessible and convenient he built me this site,


As for these masks.  When the Cootie Pandemic began, my family and friends asked if I was going to make them.  I really hoped this would last a few weeks and go away.  Little did we know how serious it would become.  After ordering a few online and not being satisfied with the feel, comfort etc.  I decided to accept the challenge.  Especially upon learning we will be wearing them into next year.  I found a pattern on You tube and tweaked it a bit making it easier to breathe and using soft stretchy hair ties to make them more comfy on the ears allowing you to wear them longer in comfort.  


Not looking to become rich by doing this, just  doing what I love and and spreading my joy. So here you go, this is my site and my story, I take great pride in my creations and hope you will love them as well.

 On a side note, I am also honest, I will only charge what I feel my efforts are worth, NO MORE.... Some of the items on this site I did not make, but I find great deals and places to find beautiful pieces that people will enjoy!