2$ each or 3 for 5$.  Please state color choices.


Handmade, One of a kind Mask Lanyard.  Always know where your mask is and keep it from falling on the dirty floor.    Perfect lightweight lanyard to hold your mask around your neck, and the beautiful design can be easily converted into a necklace!* If you order a pattern, the necklace may be a little longer than the size you order to make sure the pattern is perfect!


How many times have you forgotten your mask in the car or at your house?
With this trendy, custom seed bead necklace you will never have that problem again!!

This necklace has two lobster claw clasps that can attach to both of your face mask loops, allowing for the mask to rest on your chest while you are not wearing it.

This convenient placement will allow you to keep your mask on you at all times and prevents the mask from having contact with other potentially infected surfaces.

The necklace also allows you to not worry about the skin irritation that can occur from resting your mask on your chin. Nor do you have to constantly put them in and out of your pockets.

With this mask strap, you will be much more comfortable and feel at ease wherever you go!

When you do not need your mask, you can attach one clasp to another to create a beautiful seed bead necklace that can be worn every day.

These seed bead necklaces are so dainty and cute. They can add a pop of color to any outfit! You can even buy one to match your favorite mask.

These necklaces are also perfect as gifts. You can send one to your grandmother to ensure that she always remembers her mask! You can send one to your dad who loves to go on walks but hates it when he has to take out his mask when passing people! You can send one to your favorite teacher as the perfect back to school present!

This listing is for one chain only! (The mask is not included).


Mask Lanyards Multi colors